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From $8.00
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TechSupportWeb offers a wide range of low-cost domain name, registration, transfer and WHOIS services for individuals and businesses with prices starting from $8.00 per year!

We can also register a wider range of international domain extensions than most other registries - over 200 extensions around the world. If you need to secure your name internationally, TechSupportWeb is the place to do it!

What features do your domain name services offer?

If you register a domain name with our Service, you will also have access to loads of FREE extras including:

  • FREE PARKING (reservation) of your domain name for as long as you need it.
  • FREE WEB FORWARDING if you want to point your domain name at another web site.
  • FREE EMAIL FORWARDING if you just need an email service.
  • FREE TOTAL DNS CONTROL if you want to run your own server or control your own DNS zone file.
  • FREE HOME OR FOR SALE PAGE to help you get your domain name online quickly or help you sell your domain name.
  • FREE PRIVATE REGISTRATION to block abuse from spammers and scammers.
  • FREE UNLIMITED SUBMISSION of your domain name to nearly 40 search engines and directories.
  • FREE DOMAIN LOCKING to protect your domain name.
  • FREE STATUS ALERTS to help you monitor changes to your registration.
  • FREE UNLIMITED TECH SUPPORT to help you make the most of your domain name.

However you are welcome to park or host your domain names anywhere you choose.

How much does domain registration or transfer cost at TechSupportWeb?

Prices start from $8.00 per year. Click here to see our full Price List.

Can I transfer my domain names to TechSupportWeb?

Yes. Transfers cost $8.00 and include a 1-year renewal. Click here to order.

Do you charge a fee for Domain Privacy?

No, Privacy is free for all domain names registered with our service.

How can you be so cheap?

Our prices are very cheap because our systems are fully automated and very efficient leading to significant cost savings which we pass onto our customers.

There are now hundreds of domain Registrars worldwide. Competition and market forces are driving down prices under the new domain registration system, however the older players in the industry have been slow to respond to this new challenge.

Do I have to host the domain name with TechSupportWeb?

No, you are welcome to host the domain anywhere you choose.

Do cheap prices mean a cheap service?

Absolutely not! We work very hard to provide a high-quality service. Click here to read some testimonials from people who have used our services.

How do I get the free domain name offer?

Simply register a new domain name for free when you sign up for a web hosting account. Your domain name must be registered as part of a new web hosting order to obtain this special offer. Click here for more information.

Need more information?

You can find more detailed information in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Alternatively, you can contact our Tech Support Team.

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